Fem it is known by engineers from many decades but twenty five years ago fem software was some kind of sci fy argument, today is a powerful tool that let us study through simulations a single part or a complex structure , its behaviour , resistance and response to any kind of environment situations, giving us accurate results that with the right interpretation lead us to a very precise design, saving time and money in the process, and yes we're good using it.

Supported by in house and third party laboratories, testing is the right way to get actual figures, that let us design with safety as a primary target, assuring international and local standards compliance.

steel, alluminum, composites, optical fiber, actual materials , and many more to come, thanks to researchers all over the globe; we use them all. Today's materials give us the opportunity to challenge any known design, they have reach a level of quality unknown in the last century, manufacturers had reach an incredible level of quality, and we are the fortunate designers and builders to work with them.

Without these , is pretty hard to develop a succesful project, because of these we may improve from previous concepts and do things better and faster.