Tridens is an italian engineering company providing advanced technical solutions. Focusing on building construction,marine and aerospace technology. Tridens has been developing solutions as a standalone company and through its partnerships as well

This is what matter most, assemblying the right team for doing the job right. Team players with the ability to solve any problem and to look further on every detail. Single minds working together in their field of expertise with an unique goal, to get the job done, right on time and right on budget.

Projects and solutions doesn't just snap on your mind, they found out their way thanks to an extensive research on the subject based on previous knolwledge and expertise. Tridens foundation is the ability to sort it out from known solutions along with new technology and experimental results to get the right option to any given quest.

Innovation is the key to go beyond the known frontiers in any field of work. New materials , new technologies, new tools, new concepts , we gather them all, in order to bring new viewpoints at the design board. Just a clue, July, 20th 1969. First man on the moon; after that everything is possible.



Part of our family , Tyson. A magnificent riesenschnauzer, strong, fierce, smart and loyal.

He represents the company's spirit and soul.